How To Build An Edtech App

Build the best Edtech apps

Dittofi has a suite of edtech templates, UI components, backend services & API integrations that make building edtech apps fast, easy & accessible to everyone.

The code for each of the pre-built edtech templates & components is entirely customizable from within Dittofi’s visual development studio. Dittofi also comes with over 4 hours of Edtech focused training material, showing you how to design & build Edtech apps from scratch.

Build powerful full stack apps for your business

Shorter time to market

6x faster

“We developed a new student portal in < 5 weeks”


Lower app developer costs.

EUR 1.2 million

“Using Dittofi we saved over $1.2 million USD in development costs.”


Your app, your code

Access code & IP

“We’ve finally found a tool to build applications in a fraction of the time & deliver quality, readable code.”


Be more Agile and Efficient with Dittofi

Build intuitive and innovative apps for all sectors at the speed of your needs. Start with templated functionality and then customize your app with total flexibility. Access your apps full stack source code at all times and deploy your finished app in one click onto secure, scalable enterprise hosting powered by Amazon Web Services.

Learning Management System

A custom LMS gives you the flexibility to completely tailor the learning experience to exactly how you want for your customers, partners or workforce.

Start with a template & then customize this to get your own proprietary LMS & give your business more control, flexibility, and customization options to meet your specific learning and development needs.

Learning Management System (LMS) Built On Dittofi

Professional In App Training

Sign up for Dittofi and get complete access to our Edtech Training videos. These step-by-step video tutorials will show you how to create your own Udemy Clone from scratch without having to write a single line of code (we also have the template if you’d prefer to start from there).

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