Dittofi Teams Training

Upskill your non-technical teams so that they can build enterprise grade apps visually and empower your developers to soar to new heights of productivity with the power of code-free app building!

Save Millions In App Development

As the demand for applications continues to grow, organizations are looking for ways to augment their teams and deliver innovative digital solutions faster and with high quality. Dittofi’s hybrid low-code development platform & training programs can empower your non-technical members to become full-stack app development experts and improve the productivity of your developers.

A recent study from Forester revealed that low-code platforms can deliver up to 506% return on investment in less than six months. The study found additional benefits such as $5.5 million in cost savings for application development and maintenance, $4.6 million in incremental income from revenue-generating business initiatives and $6.7 million in cost savings from improved operational efficiency.

Dittofi Teams Training

In person training

Our expert Dittofi instructors will train your technology team to be more agile & reduce the time to value for new features and apps.

Custom content

If you have a specific set of goals in mind e.g. building a particular app, we can work with you to tailor the course so that you hit these requirements.

For coders and no-coders

Dittofi is perfect for technical and non-technical teams that want to work closer together to build custom, scalable apps faster.

Ongoing support

At the end of the program, we make sure that your team understands where and how they can find options for ongoing support.

Dittofi teams training
Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan FitzpatrickGreeley-Evans School

My background is in education. I started out as a Physical Education teacher 16 years ago, but I have always had a passion for technology. In 2022 our school had the idea to build an app that would collect “Personalized Learning Planning” (PLP) data for our district and display this data back to our students through an app.


Our team went on the Dittofi Teams Program in July 2022. This program gave us access to live support from the Dittofi Team. We were able to learn how to use Dittofi, whilst at the same time building our app. The program lasted for 8 weeks and we were able to launch our app at the end of the program.


My team and I really enjoyed using Dittofi. I am someone who doesn’t have a developer background and yet I still found Dittofi to be very approachable. The program has also really opened my team’s eyes to the possibilities of what apps we can further develop to better assist our students.


Read Ryan’s and Greeley-Evans School’s full user story here.

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