Deploy your
application into
the Dittofi Cloud.

Launch your app into a scalable & secure environment.
Protect, analyze & report your apps data with tools
for real-time business intelligence & user administration.


Data backups & enterprise grade up time so you never miss a thing.


Automatic scaling as your numbers of users & data increases.


Your apps are deployed inside secure containerized environments.

Real-time support

In app support & escalation processes for mission critical bug fixes.

Back Office Tools

Administer your user accounts & make updates to your system with an out of the box back office application.

Business Intelligence

Collect, store & analyze the behavior of your clients & how they interact with your application.


Build different environments to deploy your application into.

Manage your release cycles & ensure quality by having production & testing environments running side by side.

Build dedicated environments for low latency, big data applications.

Back Office

dittofi cloud comes with an integrated suite of back office tools to help you manage your user accounts & run real-time queries against your back office.

Or, if you have more time on your hands, you can build a custom back office using the dittofi application design studio.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Collect, store & analyse data created by your clients & third party data sources in real time.

Graph patterns, trends & user behaviour. Run out-of-the-box calculations, write & test real-time custom scripts, build dashboards for immediate insight & much much more.

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