Build & launch your app on a Dittofi Boot Camp

The Dittofi Boot Camp is a customised learning experience, where you work one on one with a Dittofi Instructor to learn how to build your app using Dittofi.

Dittofi Boot Camp

About the Dittofi boot camp

The Dittofi Boot Camp is the ultimate app-building experience. You’ll work one-on-one with an expert trainer and learn how to use Dittofi to correctly architect, build, and launch your own app according to best practices for sustainable app development.

The course runs over 8 hours of training, tailored to focus on key features of your app. It will include assignments and review sessions with professional developers to keep you making rapid advancements and engage in the learning process.

This program is perfect for students who have already taken the Dittofi Essentials Training and are ready to elevate their skills.

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Why we recommend this course

On the Dittofi Boot Camp you get 8-hours of training over 6 weeks. Hands-on instruction, personalized feedback, and expert support to bring your app idea to life. Learn in a collaborative and engaging environment.

Upskill yourself

Learn how to think like a developer & how to build full stack, enterprise grade technology, API integrations and how to launch your app into Amazon Web Services.

Upskill Yourself Image
Get Expert Advice

Get expert guidance

Work with award winning app developers to ensure that you are architecting your app according to industry standards.

Customised Experience

Our trainers will look at your app & customise the training for your use case, so that you can learn & build your app at the same time.

Customized Experience
Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting edge technology

Dittofi is the world’s first hybrid low-code system that takes visual designs and transforms them into quality code (React & Golang)  that developers can access.

You will not only build an app, but you’ll also own all of the source code for your app, which is a real asset for your business.

Build & launch your app

Dittofi enables you to build any app with a platform that is as customizable as code. Once you’ve launched your app, developers can access your apps source code to optimize core functionality as you look to scale your technology. 

Build and launch your app

Example app builds

Explore the success stories of past clients who have built & launched their apps on the Dittofi Bootcamp – these include social media, Edtech, Big Data IOT, directory, CRMs and more.

Build Approve || Directory App

The Build Approve app allows you to:

  • Easily search for permits across multiple jurisdictions via government APIs
  • Track permits of interest
  • Receive important updates on permits in a convenient dashboard
  • Avoid costly delays by staying informed about permit status and requirements
Build Approve

Coach Tools || Analytics App

The Coach Tools app allows college football coaches to:

  • Grade and track player performance
  • Generate reports, visualize trends and run analytics
  • Monitor team performance and identify areas for improvement

Greeley Evans Schools || Personal Learning App

Non-techncial team that developed an app so students can create a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). The app includes the following features

  • Clever & Google API integration
  • Student & teacher roles
  • Portal for students & students to view progress & set targets
  • Graphical visualization of student data
  • Database of student information
Greeley Schools

343 Labs || Edtech App

343 Labs is an edtech app for remote Electronic Music Production learning with expert instructor feedback. Features include:

  • Vimeo API integration
  • User tracking & analytics
  • Filtering for courses
  • Login, sign up & password recovery
343 Labs


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Dittofi Boot CampLearn while building your app$599

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The Dittofi Boot Camp includes:

  • Build your app in 8 sessions
  • 1 or 2 hours per week training
  • Work one on one with a Dittofi Expert trainer
  • Flexible schedule – work with your trainer to find a mutually convenient time
  • Targeted homework assignments
  • Weekly reviews
  • A forum to ask questions
  • Code access – you will learn how to export & look after the intellectual property for your app

Our Approach

The Dittofi Boot Camp is designed to provide users with a challenging and rewarding experience. We have created this program, to empower individuals to build the app of their dreams. The course offers a unique opportunity to have a hands-on approach and work closely with expert instructors to develop an app according to best practices for sustainable app development. This way, we foster an environment where users can not just learn technical skills, but also develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurship. This program gives the users a full experience of creating an app, from concept development to launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build a two sided marketplace app on Dittofi?

Yes – Dittofi is as flexible as coding. With our visual code editor, you’re able to build any type of app, including two sided marketplace app. We have several of these that are being developed by our clients at the moment & we will post screenshots of the completed apps shortly.

What code does Dittofi generate & can I own this on all pricing tiers?

Dittofi transforms your visual designs into HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React) on the frontend and golang on the backend. This gives you a valuable technology stack comparable to the best that a traditional coder can produce by manually typing out the code.

Can I take the training without having an idea for an app?

Yes sure, building an app is a way of thinking. Once you know how to build one, you can build any app. So if you don’t have an idea for an app, we will pick an example application for your & train you how to build that app.

How many hours do I need to spend outside of class practicing and learning?

You’ll need to spend a minimum of 10 hours between sessions reviewing what was covered in the training & completing your homework assignments.

If I can’t make the training will you issue me a refund?

No – all of our trainers schedule time in their calendars & this means that they cannot attend to other clients at this time. If however you can’t make one of your scheduled session, let your trainer know in advance & ask them if they are able to accommodate a change of time.

How do I schedule my sessions?

You can schedule your first session by with this link. After your first session, you will be given the option to schedule your next session directly with your trainer at a mutually convenient time.

Do I get a license to Dittofi included?

Yes – you get a one month license to Dittofi Standard pricing package, worth $529.