Unlimited, full feature code exports

A vital feature not offered by other no-code platforms
is the option to export your apps code without any loss
of work. Dittofi empowers you to do this with unlimited,
full feature, code exports.

Own your app’s code at all times.

Full feature code export


Without any extra cost, Dittofi lets you see all of the code for your app at all times. You can read the code from within the builder, sync up with the code using tools like Git or download the code at any point.

Modern tech stack

The frontend code we generate is in React / Redux, HTML5 and CSS. The backend and API integrations auto generate in Google Go – these are current, high performing technologies that give you a maintainable, cutting edge code base.

Flexible exports

You can host with Dittofi, export all of your code, or export only the sections (frontend only, backend only, APIs etc.) that you or your team feels most comfortable editing and leave the rest of your code inside Dittofi.

Total ownership

We give you all of the rights over any computer code that you generate on Dittofi. You can take it, deploy it anywhere and sell it without restrictions.

Owning your apps code allows you to build real, sustainable technology that you can always control.

Benefits of owning your code


Zero vendor lock-in means that you can stay building on Dittofi or continue building with your own devs – it’s your choice.

Integrate fully

Integrate your apps fully into your internal systems, remove dependencies on expensive third party tools and prevent the build up of technical debt.


With code ownership you have total flexibility to deploy your code anywhere – on internal servers or in the Dittofi Cloud.

Unlimited creativity

Developers can add to the code either in or out of the Dittofi environment, giving you total flexibility over your app development.

What code do you get?

Dittofi gives you absolutely every line of code that is used to run your app – own an enterprise grade code base that is architected to scale.


Export your apps frontend code, this is written in React / Redux and HTML5, CSS.


Export your apps backend code, this is written in Google Go – a modern language designed by Google for apps to run efficiently at scale.


Access your apps data in the form of a CSV or PostgreSQL dump.

API Integrations

Dittofi lets you integrate into any third party API – export this code in a single click.

Code docs

Dittofi auto generates code docs that explain what each line of your custom code does, allowing for easy transfer of ownership.

The future of custom app development is in the fusion of code with no-code

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